Reza: Bearing witness to war and peace

I strongly recommend you to listen to this interview from NPR to Reza Deghati, considered among the world’s great photojournalists. His latest book, Reza War and Peace: A Photographer’s Journey, is a retrospective of his amazing work as an eyewitness on various conflicts. On the link you’ll also find a selection of some of those photos.

“I heard some demonstration against the shah — and this was in those days unbelievable,” Reza tells NPR’s Scott Simon. “Nobody really thought that there would be demonstrations on the streets because the presence of the secret police and army was so strong … that nobody would dare.”

As he watched from the window, army jeeps arrived and soldiers began shooting into the demonstrators, many of whom were students.

One of them “had a camera and he was taking pictures and running,” Reza says. “This was a moment that really changed my life. The day after, I was on the street starting [to take photographs], and day after day I just forgot to return back to my office. And this was 30 years ago.”

Sudan, 1989

Sudan, 1989: “I saw his feet, scarred by chains that also bound his hands. His eyes were resigned, his violence contained.” – Reza


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